I have visited India, Central America and Africa and spent time visiting projects – mostly Rotary Club projects.  Have also had a hand in raising funds and helping to administer some very interesting projects.  Water is a big issue wherever  you go.  Both retrieving it, and cleaning it up.  Also, making a living is another big problem and the work being done to support the poorest of the poor through micro-credit schemes needs to be expanded.

By various estimates there are likely at least 20 million orphans in Africa.  There are orphans in many other places in the world.  I’ve seen some very effective, efficient and humane efforts at resolving this problem.  The best are those which keep these children in their family home with community and other support provided to them.  Of importance, giving them the opportunity of going to school, and ensuring that adults are brought back into their lives.   see

Can we make a difference? World-wide poverty, ignorance and unemployment.

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